Egg & Rice Rolls

We have a separate section for stocking oriental rice rolls and egg rolls featuring a variety of flavors. They are tasty snacks of Asian origin consumed by East Asian and Southeast Asian people. The rice rolls are made using a brown rice base and baked with added flavours. This section also contains egg rolls and egg crisps.

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  1. Pei Tien Energy99 Roll Chocolate Flavour 180g
  2. Pei Tien Chocolate Brown Rice Roll 160g
  3. Pei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Roll 160g
  4. A+ Hosan Rice Roll 140g

    A+ Hosan Rice Roll 140g

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  5. October Fifth Bakery Mini Egg Rolls 60g
  6. October Fifth Bakery Mini Butter Egg Rolls 240g
  7. October Fifth Bakery Egg Rolls 72g
  8. October Fifth Bakery Vegetarian Phoenix Rolls with Seaweed 75g
  9. October Fifth Bakery Mini Egg Roll with Seaweed 60g
  10. Pei Tien 168 Staple Grains 180g
  11. Pei Tien Energy99 Egg Roll 180g
  12. IMEI Egg Crisps Fish Floss 66g
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13 Items