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Visit mesmerizing world of Asian alcoholic beverages. Here you will find Chinese Moutai, a type of Baijiu, famed Japanese sakes, Korean plum wines, and beers. Chinese Kweichow brand is known for its production of one of the premium baijiu liquor called Moutai. Japanese brand Hakutsuru has a number of sakes including sayuri and sazameki. Find a unique collection of oriental liquor in our online store.

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  1. Pale Lager Alc 4.3%
  2. Hite Pale Lager (Can) Alc 4.3% 6x355ml
  3. Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 330ml
  4. Bintang Pilsener Beer 620ml Alc. 4.7%
  5. Lotte Korean Ginseng Alcoholic Drink 700ml (Alc. 28%)
  6. Sapporo Premium Beer 330ml
  7. KweiChow Moutai 500ml

    KweiChow Moutai 500ml

    Earn 218 points
  8. Hakutsuru Sayuri 300ml
  9. Korean Plum Liquor Gold Alc 14%
  10. Korean Plum Liquor Alc 14%
  11. Hakutsuru Sake 14.5% 720ml
  12. Hakutsuru Tanrei Junmai 180ml
  13. Hakutsuru Tanrei Junmai Paper Pack 500ml
  14. Hakutsuru Yamada Nishiki 720ml
  15. Hakutsuru Nigori Yuzu 720ml

    Hakutsuru Nigori Yuzu 720ml

    Earn 17 points
    €19.68 €16.75
  16. Pagoda Shaoxing Cooking Wine 750ml
  17. Chang Beer

    Chang Beer

    Earn 2 points
  18. Chang Beer x6

    Chang Beer x6

    Earn 9 points
  19. Sayuri 720ml

    Sayuri 720ml

    Earn 18 points
  20. Plum Wine 12.5%
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Items 1-21 of 26