Pei Tien 168 Staple Grains 180g

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Product Overview

The original Stape Grains Egg Rolls from Pei Tien featuring the flavour of egg. A complex recipe prepared using more than 20 ingredients. A crispy, and tasty snack. Convenient to use during tea times. A great choice for the modern busy world.

Product Detail

  • Brand: Pei Tien
  • Size: 180g
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Background:
  • Allergens:

Nutrition (Per 100g)

  • Nutrition:
  • Salt:
  • Protein:
  • Fat:
  • Energy:
  • Carbohydrate:

Brown Rice, Palm Oil, Maltodextrin, Rice, Corn, Granulated Sugar, Egg Powder, Soy Sauce Powder [Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Sugar], Buckwheat, Oatmeal, Mung Beans, Husked Lotus, Pearl Barley, Pea, Small Red Beans, Speckled Kidney Beans, Black Soybeans, Black Rice

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