Milk Tea

There are beverages which make use of a combination of milk and tea in its making. This is a special section to feature selected Asian milk tea drinks. Each of the milk drinks differ in its appearance, flavor and aroma based on the quantity of ingredients used in its preparation. We have Malaysian Teh Tarik, Chinese U.Loveit instant tea drinks featuring fruit flavors, and various other milk teas.

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  1. 3 IN 1 Teh Tarik

    3 IN 1 Teh Tarik

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  2. Korean NokChaWon Black Tea Latte 150g
  3. 3:15PM Earl Grey Milk Tea 100g
  4. 3:15PM Rose Fruity Milk Tea 100g
  5. U.Loveit Instant Tea Drink with Tapioca Pearl - Strawberry Flavour 70g
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7 Items