Cleaning Utensils

We have created a separate section for cleaning utensils in order to aid our users to easily find them while shopping Asian food online in Ireland. We have dish washing tools, scouring pads, blue vinyl gloves, and more. The products we source are of good quality, and they are of great help in kitchens especially for hard rubbing requirements for a kitchen which handles oily food and stir-fry cooking methods.

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  1. Scouring Pads 10pcs

    Scouring Pads 10pcs

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  2. Scotch-Brite Sponge Scouring Pads No.74 6pcs
  3. 3M Scouring Pads No.96 10pcs

    3M Scouring Pads No.96 10pcs

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5 Items