The best Asian condiments are brought together in a single place. Get to know about the unique condiments from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries. Authentic Chinese vinegar, Korean salt, Thai palm sugar and many more. Asia Market stores a big variety of products ranging from everything mentioned above including a large variety of spicy soup bases, dipping sauces, and sushi seasoning mixes to rare products like gluten-free Shio Koji, which is a Japanese seasoning made of a mix of salt, water and rice koji used in marinades and to tenderise meats.

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  1. Vinegar

    Golden Mountain Vinegar

    Earn 2 points
  2. Chinese Red Vinegar

    Chinese Red Vinegar

    Earn 3 points
  3. Chicken Bouillon

    Chicken Bouillon

    Earn 3 points
  4. Chinese Vinegar
  5. Chinkiang Vinegar
  6. White Rice Vinegar
  7. Chicken Powder

    Ajinomoto Chicken Powder 1kg

    Earn 10 points
  8. Spirit Vinegar Flavoured with Grain
  9. Boyne Valley Honey Squeezy 1.05kg
  10. KTC Rose Water 190ml

    KTC Rose Water 190ml

    Earn 1 point
  11. East End Black Salt Powder 100g
  12. Golden Dragon Salt & Pepper Seasoning 200g
  13. Hanamaruki Liquid Shio Koji (Gluten Free) 500ml
  14. Wah Loong Bicarbonate of Soda 454g
  15. Siucra Sugar 25kg

    Earn 19 points
  16. Siucra Sugar 1kg

    Siucra Sugar 1kg

    Earn 2 points
  17. Lyles Golden Syrup 454g

    Lyles Golden Syrup 454g

    Earn 3 points
  18. Lyles Golden Syrup 7.2kg

    Lyles Golden Syrup 7.2kg

    Earn 14 points
  19. Renuka Creamed Coconut 200g

    Renuka Creamed Coconut 200g

    Earn 1 point
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Items 1-21 of 67