Canned & Preserved Food

Canned & Preserved Food

Asia Market’ online grocery shop delivers a large diversity of preserved ethnic Asian food to our customers in Ireland. Our ‘Canned & Preserved Food’ section showcases culturally and traditionally significant food products from the East which are preserved mostly through extensive canning and pickling processes. Find in our store, a vast collection of canned fruits, meat, milk, seafood and vegetable products, apart from many other preserved food items, which are used in Asian cuisine.

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  1. Bamboo Shoot Slices
  2. Baby Corn Cobs in Salted Water
  3. Po-Ku Mushroom

    Earn 1 point
  4. Anchovy Fillets In Sunflower Oil
  5. Vine Leaves Stuffed With Rice
  6. Tomato & Pepper Stuffed With Rice
  7. Eggplants with Tomato & Onion
  8. Okra In Tomato Sauce
  9. Green Beans In Tomato Sauce
  10. Meatballs In Tomato Sauce
  11. Squids In Hot Sauce
  12. Spinach With Rice

    Zanae Spinach With Rice 280g

    Earn 2 points
  13. Vine Leaves With Rice & Beef
  14. Shoulder Ham

    Vlevy Shoulder Ham 5kg

    Earn 18 points
  15. Pickled Lettuce

    Gulong Pickled Lettuce 170g

    Earn 1 point
  16. Preserved Beancurd
  17. Green & Red Chilli Preserved Veg
  18. Preserved Vegetable Whole
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Items 1-21 of 125