Canned & Preserved Food

Canned & Preserved Food

Asia Market’ online grocery shop delivers a large diversity of preserved ethnic Asian food to our customers in Ireland. Our ‘Canned & Preserved Food’ section showcases culturally and traditionally significant food products from the East which are preserved mostly through extensive canning and pickling processes. Find in our store, a vast collection of canned fruits, meat, milk, seafood and vegetable products, apart from many other preserved food items, which are used in Asian cuisine.

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  1. Bamboo Shoot Strips in Water
  2. Sour Mustard Green
  3. Pineapple Chunks in Light Syrup
  4. Pickled Cabbage
  5. Condensed Milk

    Condensed Milk

    Earn 2 points
  6. Milk Powder

    Nido Milk Powder 1800g

    Earn 23 points
  7. Milk Powder

    Nido Milk Powder 900g

    Earn 10 points
  8. Milk Powder

    Nido Milk Powder 400g

    Earn 5 points
  9. Milk Powder

    Nido Milk Powder 2500g

    Earn 25 points
  10. Vine Leaves In Brine
  11. Roasted Red Pepper

    Roasted Red Pepper

    Earn 3 points
  12. Pickled Gherkins

    Pickled Gherkins

    Earn 2 points
  13. Pineapple Slices

    Pineapple Slices

    Earn 2 points
  14. Winter Bamboo Shoot
  15. Baby Corn in Brine

    Baby Corn in Brine

    Earn 1 point
  16. Cream Original

    Cream Original

    Earn 2 points
  17. Lychee In Syrup

    Lychee In Syrup

    Earn 2 points
  18. Preserved Black Bean
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Items 1-21 of 164