China is known to be the birthplace of noodles. Historical evidence suggests the use of noodles as a staple food even before the Common Era. This could be the reason for the existence of so many varieties of noodles in the mainland China. The noodle changes its shape, size, flavor from region to region. Here we have attempted to consolidate all Chinese regional noodle varieties into a single place including the famous Liu Quan branded noodles. There could be more noodle types from other Asian countries also appear here.

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  1. Green Bean Sheet Noodle
  2. Liu Quan Rice Noodle 290g

    Liu Quan Rice Noodle 290g

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  3. Liu Quan Snail Rice Noodle 320g
  4. Liu Quan Snail Rice Noodle (Bowl) 215g
  5. Way On Cheong Fun Noodles 400g
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6 Items