Tofu is the milk-free alternative for cheese. Tofu is considered vegan as it is produced from soybeans, and thus tofu is also called bean curd. Oriental cuisines, especially the East Asian and Southeast Asian ones are known for their extensive use of tofu and tofu-related products. Sweet and savoury dishes of Asian origin commonly make use of flavoured, seasoned or marinated tofu as one of their essential ingredients. Pressed from soy bean curd, tofu is mostly available in firm, soft, extra firm and silken variants.

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  1. Unicurd Tung Pressed Tofu 300g
  2. Jan Jan Sliced Tofu Sheet 250g
  3. Jan Jan Fried Tofu 200g

    Jan Jan Fried Tofu 200g

    Earn 3 points
  4. Unicurd Silken Tofu 300g

    Unicurd Silken Tofu 300g

    Earn 2 points
  5. Jan Jan Fresh Tofu 700g
  6. Jan Jan Fresh Tofu 950g (6pc)
  7. Dahher Dried Soybean Curd 400g
  8. Unicurd Fresh Yakko Tofu 300g
  9. DHC Fresh Spicy Bean Curd with Sugar & Sweetener 300g
  10. Sangam Fresh Paneer (Vegetarian Soft Cheese) 260g
  11. Cypressa Fresh Halloumi Cheese 250g
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16 Items