Here you will find all sorts of Asian crockery in one place. Chinese dinner sets and tableware, Japanese sushi plates and miso soup bowls, dishes and plates, spoons and more are available here. We have bowls and plates made of top quality porcelain materials, china clay, and stainless steel. We also store a number of plastic spoons and forks, bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks of varying sizes and colours, sake sets and dinner sets for your convenience. The Chinese hotpot with grill is a unique product in our possession.

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  1. 21cm Bamboo Chopsticks

    21cm Bamboo Chopsticks

    Earn 5 points
  2. Japanese Tea Cup (Red & Black) 180X58mm
  3. Red & Black Udon Bowl 200X88mm
  4. Japanese Ramen Bowl Red & Black 203x83mm
  5. Japanese Spoon Red & Black 139mm
  6. Iron Castings Bibimbap Pot 18cm with Handle
  7. Honor Star Electric Hot Pot with Grill 3.5L
  8. Chinese Chopsticks Red & Brown 5 Sets
  9. Chinese Chopsticks Black 5 Pairs
  10. Chinese Chopsticks Black & Brown 5 Pairs
  11. Oriental Cup with Lid Dragon Red style
  12. Oriental Cup with Lid Goddess Chang-e Style
  13. Sake Set - White Flask and Cups

    Sake Set - White Flask and Cups

    Earn 13 points
  14. Sake Set Black & White

    Sake Set Black & White

    Earn 11 points
  15. Japanese Noodle Bowl with Lid (Red & Black) 192x178x91mm
  16. Hancock Black Melamine Chopsticks 10 Pairs
  17. Small Red Packet - Fok

    Small Red Packet - Fok

    Earn 1 point
  18. Japanese Sushi Plate (Red & Black) 152X20mm
  19. Japanese Sauce Bowl (Red & Black) 127x116x56mm
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Items 1-21 of 39