Find a unique collection of tasty and delicious Asian snacks online. We have snacks from all Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and many more.

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  1. ZW Fried Dough Twist - Salty Shallot Flavour 130g
  2. Madam Pum Instant Thai Tapioca Pearl With Taro 180g
  3. Madam Pum Instant Three Mix Tapioca Dessert 230g
  4. Madam Pum Water Chestnut with Tapioca 140g
  5. Madam Pum Mix For Dessert 130g
  6. Lobo Thai Custard Mix Pandan Flavour 120g
  7. Kain-na Chicharon Pork Crunch Original Flavour 100g
  8. Kain-na Chicharon Pork Crunch Spicy Vinegar Flavour 70g
  9. Kain-na Chicharon Pork Crunch Jalapeno Flavour 70g
  10. Kain-na Chicharon Pork Scratching 90g
  11. ZW Fried Dough Twist - Sweet Cream Flavour 130g
  12. XFJ Sesame Sachima 469g

    XFJ Sesame Sachima 469g

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  13. YoungPung Yopokki Rice Cake 140g
  14. SOEK Spring Plum 330g

    SOEK Spring Plum 330g

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  15. Glico Strawberry Flavour Pocky 45g
  16. Taro Fish Snack Hot Chilli Flavour 52g
  17. Glico Pocky Chocolate Flavour 47g
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Items 1-21 of 59