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  1. Glico Pocky Chocolate Flavour 47g
  2. Amanoya Japanese Rice Cracker 98g
  3. Natural Salted Waxberry 80g

    Natural Salted Waxberry 80g

    Earn 1 point
  4. Qia Qia Honey Butter Sunflower Seeds 108g
  5. Lotte Almond Choco Ball 46g

    Lotte Almond Choco Ball 46g

    Earn 2 points
  6. XFJ Soft Sachima Matcha Flavor 128g
  7. Cosmos Tteokbokki Snack 57g

    Cosmos Tteokbokki Snack 57g

    Earn 1 point
  8. CJ Bibigo Seaweed Crisps BBQ Flavor 20g
  9. CJ Bibigo Seaweed Crisps Honey & Corn Flavor 20g
  10. CJ Bibigo Seaweed Crisps Hot Spicy Flavor 20g
  11. CJ Bibigo Seaweed Crisps Original Flavor 20g
  12. Chongga Seasoned Green Laver 3x4g
  13. SOEK Spring Plum 330g

    SOEK Spring Plum 330g

    Earn 5 points
  14. Ginibis Dream Animals Butter Flavoured Biscuits 37g
  15. Taro Fish Snack Hot Chilli Flavour 52g
  16. Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Biscuits with Flavoured Filling 225g
  17. Glico Strawberry Flavour Pocky 45g
  18. Taro Fish Snack original Flavour 52g
  19. Taro Fish Snack Spicy Flavour 52g
  20. Taro Fish Snack Barbecue Flavour 52g
  21. Hong Hae Roasted Seaweed 65g

    Hong Hae Roasted Seaweed 65g

    Earn 3 points
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Items 1-21 of 53