Meat and Poultry

We have a unique store of fresh meat and poultry items featuring Irish chicken and duck and authentic Asian meat preparation and cuts. We offer delicious Chinese pork sausages, beef steaks, sirloins, pork shoulders, ribs and similar products in addition to Silver Hill duck and Manor Farm Irish chicken fed on pure corn.

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  1. Silver Hill Fresh Duck

    Silver Hill Fresh Duck

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  2. Phuc Quoc Qio Lua Dac Biet (Vietnamese Pork) 500g
  3. Hoa Nam Fresh Gio Bi Que Huong (Vietnamese Pork) 500g
  4. Hoa Nam Vietnamienne Pork (Gio Dac Biet Pate) 500g
  5. Somsino Sas Fresh Beef Tripe 400g
  6. Tak Kee Fresh Mushroom Pork Ball 227g
  7. Wonderful Fresh Duck Neck 5pcs
  8. Oriental Kitchen Mei Kuei Lu Chiew Chinese Sausage
  9. Oriental Kitchen Wu Xiang Chinese Sausage With Spices
  10. Zaad Chicken & Turkey Mortadella (Fresh) 500g
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13 Items