Tea Drinks

This section stocks a large variety of tea drinks from Asian countries. Traditional beverages are added with organic ingredients and bottled with the help of modern technology. We have Chinese oolong tea, jasmine tea, green tea, lemon tea, and many more in carefully prepared bottles in our section for you to pick easily.

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  1. Dong Suh Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice 75g
  2. Asian Food Service Yuzu Marmalade Tea 580g
  3. Sea Dyke Green Tea 40g
  4. Thai Style Lemon Tea Drink 250ml
  5. Honey Jasmine Tea

    KSF Honey Jasmine Tea 500ml

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  6. Oolong Tea
  7. Green Tea
  8. Ice Red Tea
  9. Mint Lemon Tea

    Mint Lemon Tea

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  10. Jasmine Tea
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13 Items