Bowls & Plates

Find here all sorts oriental dinnerware including bowls, plates, cups and spoons. We have Chinese cups with varying artworks featuring dragons, goddesses, and nature. Our store includes red & black themed Japanese bowls for miso soup, noodles and ramen, sushi plates and sake sets. We also have plastic and stainless steel plates apart from spoons.

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  1. Japanese Noodle Bowl with Lid (Red & Black) 192x178x91mm
  2. Japanese Spoon Red & Black 139mm
  3. Japanese Sushi Plate (Red & Black) 152X20mm
  4. Japanese Sauce Bowl (Red & Black) 127x116x56mm
  5. Japanese Round Plate 304x31mm

    Japanese Round Plate 304x31mm

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  6. Japanese Rice Bowl (Red & Black) 126X59mm
  7. Japanese Oval Plate 202X145X19mm
  8. Obento Sushi Bamboo Mat
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Items 1-21 of 26