Our fresh Asian food section features commodities from Asia. Customers can order fresh food online if you are located within Dublin county limits. We have Chinese buns, fish balls, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, sea food, kimchi, chicken and duck meat, and so on. Apart from China, Thailand, and other Asian countries, our fresh food section features a few Irish products as well, especially the herbs like fresh basils, oregano, chives, etc.

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  1. Fresh Kohlrabi 1kg

    Fresh Kohlrabi 1kg

    Earn 3 points
  2. Somsino Sas Pork Red Pudding 400g
  3. Superior Milk Bao Buns

    Superior Milk Bao Buns

    Earn 5 points
  4. Superior Pork & Vegetable Bao Buns
  5. Superior Cha Siu Bao Buns 300g
  6. Oriental Kitchen Gio Chanh Cong (Vietnamese Pork Salami) 500g
  7. Oriental Kitchen Mei Kuei Lu Chiew Chinese Sausage
  8. Oriental Kitchen Wu Xiang Chinese Sausage With Spices
  9. Zaad Chicken & Turkey Mortadella (Fresh) 500g
  10. Oriental Kitchen Jiang Xiang (Preserved Pork) 300g
  11. BDMP Salted Dried Anchovy KP 100g
  12. Glendawn Fresh Chives 50g

    Glendawn Fresh Chives 50g

    Earn 2 points
  13. Glendawn Fresh Bay Leaf 50g

    Glendawn Fresh Bay Leaf 50g

    Earn 2 points
  14. Glendawn Fresh Fennel 50g

    Glendawn Fresh Fennel 50g

    Earn 2 points
  15. Glendawn Fresh Flat Parsley 50g
  16. Glendawn Fresh Thyme 50g

    Glendawn Fresh Thyme 50g

    Earn 2 points
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Items 1-21 of 290