Basmati Rice

The Indian Basmati rice is notable for its unique aroma and healthy properties like free of gluten and low in fat. Basmati is usually harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas. The fluffy and aromatic rice type gets its name Basmati from the sanskrit word 'vasmati', which means fragrant. Basmati rice contains essential amino acids, folic acid, very low quantity of sodium, and no cholesterol.

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  1. Akash Basmati Rice 10kg
  2. Akash Basmati Rice 5kg

    Akash Basmati Rice 5kg

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  3. Tilda Whole Grain Basmati Rice 5kg
  4. Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 10kg
  5. Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 5kg
  6. Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 2kg
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8 Items