Asia Market’s frozen store includes a range of precooked food products suitable for Asian midweek meals. The freezing technology utilized here to preserve the food ensures longer shelf life of the products by inhibiting the growth of organisms. Precooked frozen food is ideal for a family to enjoy ethnic oriental food without losing its freshness. At Asia Market, you can find frozen buns and pastries, frozen dumplings, mandus and gyozas, precooked vegetable dishes including edamame soybeans, meat products, fish & seafood and more.

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  1. Spring Home Peanut Glutinous Rice Ball 200g (10pcs)
  2. Spring Home Glutinous Rice Ball Red Bean Paste 200g (10 pcs)
  3. Kinda Frozen Beef Rolls 400g

    Kinda Frozen Beef Rolls 400g

    Earn 6 points
  4. Kinda Frozen Lamb Rolls 400g

    Kinda Frozen Lamb Rolls 400g

    Earn 6 points
  5. Polar Bird Frozen Korean Squid 600g
  6. Three Coconut Tree Shrimp Ha Kao 500g
  7. Happy Belly Oriental Bread Plain 300g
  8. Happy Belly Oriental Bread Pandan 300g
  9. Happy Belly Oriental Bread Chocolate 300g
  10. FreshAsia Pork & Chinese Leaf Dumpling 410g
  11. FreshAsia Pork & Chive Dumplings 410g
  12. FreshAsia Pork, Shiitake Mushroom & Black Fungus Dumplings 410g
  13. Synear Rice Ball With Peanut 320g
  14. Synear Rice Ball With Sesame 320g
  15. Synear Small Pearls Rice Ball 300g
  16. Ajinomoto Chicken & Vegetable Dumpling (Gyoza) 600g
  17. Ajinomoto Japanese Pork Gyoza (Dumpling) 600g
  18. Misori Oyster Meat 1LB

    Misori Oyster Meat 1LB

    Earn 5 points
  19. Yippy Yum TsingTao Spring Roll 750g
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Items 1-21 of 69