2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

Healthy New Year Food

Kikkoman Sauces Offer

Most Popular Products

  1. Awon Assorted Taiwan Mochi 180g
  2. Baijia Boiled Fish Flavor in Hot Chilli Oil Seasoning 208g
  3. CJ - Haechandle Red Pepper Paste 500g
  4. Dollee Vegetarian Yam Cookies 300g
  5. Chilli Oil
  6. Plum Wine 12.5%
  7. Yamamotoyama Sen-cha Green Tea 200g
  8. Yumenishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice 1kg

 Chinese New Year Products 

  1. Chinese Large Red Lanterns 27"
  2. Chinese New Year Cookies - Dough 300g
  3. Chinese New Year Cookies - Dumpling 300g
  4. Chinese New Year Pudding Original Flavour Small (10.50cm)
  5. Chinese New Year Sweetened Lotus Seed 150g
  6. Red Puppy with Clothes 12"
  7. Red Puppy with Clothes 8"
  8. Red Puppy with Fortune Cushion 8"