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An online place for buying authentic Asian sweet snacks especially biscuits, cakes and cookies. Here we have a few ethnic varieties including custard cakes, red bean and banana flavored biscuits, Meiji brand’s Hello Panda biscuits, Fortune cookies, Koala’s March snacks, to name a few.

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  1. Meiji Biscuits with Milk Flavoured Filling 50g
  2. Meiji Biscuits with Chocolate Flavoured Filling 50g
  3. Silk Road Fortune Cookies 2Kg
  4. Lotte Koala's March Strawberry Flavour 49g
  5. Lotte Koala's March Chocolate Flavour 49g
  6. Silk Road Fortune Cookies 10pcs
  7. Orion Custard Soft Cake 276g

    Orion Custard Soft Cake 276g

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  8. Longevity Chinese Dried Persimmon 340g
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Items 1-21 of 52