Beans, Dates, Nuts & Seeds

Asian countries have a variety of snacks based on beans, dates and nuts. Pecan nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, broad beans, walnuts and many such plant based products are made into snack form for pastime bites and munching.

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  1. Rainbow Organic Sunflower Seeds 250g
  2. Golden Lily Dried Kai Sum Dates (Seedless) 200g
  3. Khao Shong Wasabi Coated Green Peas 280g
  4. Khao Shong Wasabi Broad Beans 140g
  5. Chinese Walnut Raisins Stuffed Dates 400g
  6. Qia Qia Sunflower Seeds (Red) 160g
  7. Qia Qia Sunflower Seeds (Red) 308g
  8. Qia Qia Hickory Nut Flavour Sunflower Seeds 108g
  9. Longevity Sugared Lotus Nuts 140g
  10. Farmer Brand Roasted Peanuts in Shell 400g
  11. ChangSi Seedless Jinsi Jujube 250g
  12. ChangSi Big Red Jujube 454g

    ChangSi Big Red Jujube 454g

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  13. Liyuan Chestnuts (with Shell) 88g
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Items 1-21 of 28