Chewy, yummy and addictive, that’s the way snacks from Asia can be described in short. What you find in this section may be perhaps the largest assortment of Asian candies, cookies, crisps and crackers all put together in a single online space for the customers in Ireland. You would find the purely orient Chinese dry fruit candies, herbal candies, fortune cookies, Japanese Mochis, Hello panda biscuits, Thai Pocky chocolates, Taiwanese wheat noodle snacks and similar unique products. You would also find seasonal items like Chinese New year mooncakes here.

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  1. HMM Mango Pudding Powder 105g
  2. Pei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Roll 160g
  3. Pei Tien Chocolate Brown Rice Roll 160g
  4. Pei Tien Energy99 Roll Chocolate Flavour 180g
  5. Royal Family Peanut Mochi 210g
  6. Royal Family Red Bean Mochi 210g
  7. Samjin Choco Mochi Peanut 310g
  8. Samjin White Mochi 350g

    Samjin White Mochi 350g

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  9. TF Triko Panda - Lychee Flavour Coconut Jelly 630g
  10. TF Triko Bear - Mango Flavour Coconut Jelly 630g
  11. Lotte Anytime Milk & Mint Candy 74g
  12. Qia Qia Caramel Sunflower Seeds 108g
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Items 1-21 of 275