Rice & Flour & Noodles

Rice & Flour & Noodles
Rice and noodles are part of a typical staple diet in Asian regions. Targeting such customers in Ireland, at Asia Market, we have set up a dedicated section for ‘Rice, Flour and Noodles’. Indian Basmati rice, Japanese Sushi rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, and several other glutinous and gluten-free rice selections are available in our online grocery store. Also, we have many varieties of flour including many non-grain flour varieties, for instance, tempura, tapioca and potato flours. We also have a vast collection of noodles, from instant to ready to eat noodles, like our precooked Udon noodles.
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  1. Gram Flour

    Balah Gram Flour 1kg

    Earn 2 points
  2. Braised Beef Bowl Noodle
  3. Seafood Flavoured Noodle
  4. Beef & Pickled Veg Flavoured Noodle
  5. Roasted Beef Flavoured Noodle
  6. Spicy Beef Flavoured Noodle
  7. Spicy Beef Bowl Noodle
  8. Spicy Hotpot Flavoured Noodle
  9. Mushroom & Chicken Flavoured Noodle
  10. Onion & Rib Flavoured Noodle
  11. Quick Cooking Noodle
  12. Pure Water Chestnut Flour
  13. Green Bean Sheet Noodle
  14. Beanthreads

    LongKou Beanthreads 500g

    Earn 2 points
  15. Beanthreads

    LongKou Beanthreads 1kg

    Earn 3 points
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Items 1-21 of 277