Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle 120g

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At the first taste of Nongshim Shin Ramyun's signature broth, there is no question how Shin Ramyun has become the most recognized ramyun in the world. With Shin Ramyun, you will enjoy a piping hot meal of aromatic spices, fresh vegetables and wonderfully chewy noodles in the convenience of 4 minutes.

Product Detail

  • Brand: Nongshim
  • Size: 120g
  • Country: Korea
  • Background: 自1986年创建以来,已有超过220亿包辛辣面在全球销售。如果以辛辣面的销售量去计算,它将是地球到月球的距离的100倍以上。凭借遍布全球的销售渠道,辛辣面成为了所有方便面的全球领导者。
  • Allergens: Wheat, Soybeans, may contain: Barley, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Milk, Celery, Mustard, Sesame Seeds and Molluscs

Nutrition (Per 100g)

  • Nutrition: Per 100g
  • Salt: 3.7
  • Protein: 8.9
  • Fat: 14
  • Energy: 1808
  • Carbohydrate: 67
  • Noodles: Wheat Flour (USA), Potato Starch, Palm Oil, Salt, Acidity Regulator: E501, E339, E500, Tocopherol Liquid (Antioxidant: E306, Emulsifier: E322 (contain Soy)), Seasoning (Yeast Extract, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Wheat Starch), Green Tea Extract (Oligosaccharides, Tea Catechin, Acid: E330), Colour: E101, 
  • Soup Powder: Seasoning (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soy)), Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract, Salt, Garlic, Onion, Wheat Flour), Salt, Spices (Maltodextrin, Black Pepper, Red Chilli Pepper, Garlic), Sugar, Glucose, Flavour Enhancers: E631, E627, Mushroom. 
  • Flakes: Green Onion, Mushroom, Bok Choy, Carrot, Red Chilli Pepper.
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