Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 290ml

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Product Overview

Here is a 290ml of the famous original and genuine Worcestershire Sauce from its authentic manufacturer Lea & Perrins. The sauce was originated from Worcester, England, and thus it occasionally known by the name English sauce or simply Worcester Sauce. Worcestershire sauce has a unique flavour and aroma. Its secret recipe is very complex, which was devised by the company.

Product Detail

  • Brand: Ajinomoto
  • Size: 290ml
  • Country: UK
  • Background:
  • Allergens: Barley, Fish

Nutrition (Per 100g)

  • Nutrition: Per 100ml
  • Salt: 2.9
  • Protein: 0.8
  • Fat: 0.9
  • Energy: 405
  • Carbohydrate: 21

Malt Vinegar (from Barley), Spirit Vinegar, Molasses, Sugar, Salt, Anchovies (Fish), Tamarind Extract, Onions, Garlic, Spice, Flavourings

A flavour enhancer for food and recipes. Ideal to use as a flavouring agent in cocktails.
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