Yamamotoyama Sencha Green Tea 200g

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Sencha is a popular variety of Japanese green tea. This is a 200g pack of Sencha Green Tea from Yamamotoyama brand. The sencha tea is remarkable for its fresh, flowery taste and mild and delicate flavour with a grassy touch. This variety is preferred in every traditional Japanese family. Sencha green tea features a colour that is a mix of golden and green.

Product Detail

  • Brand: Yamamotoyama
  • Size: 200g
  • Country: USA
  • Background:
  • Allergens:

Nutrition (Per 100g)

  • Nutrition:
  • Salt:
  • Protein:
  • Fat:
  • Energy:
  • Carbohydrate:
  • Green Tea

Add a teabag in hot water for brewing. Wait for one minute, remove the tea bag and serve.

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