A category dedicated to the world of curry powder. Curry is a type of Indian dish used in combination with rice, bread, nan and similar main course food items as side dishes. Here you find curry leaves, and hot and less hot varieties of Indian curry powder mixes suitable for chicken, fish, vegetable and meat curry dishes. The curry powder is a combination of several spices and ingredients including coriander, cumin, chili, salt, garlic etc to name a few.

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  1. Curry Leaves

    East End Curry Leaves 20g

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  2. East End Madras Curry Powder Hot 400g
  3. East End Madras Curry Powder Mild 400g
  4. East End Curry Powder Mild 100g
  5. East End Curry Powder Hot 100g
  6. Baba's Fish Curry Powder 250g
  7. Baba's Meat Curry Powder 250g
  8. East End Madras Curry Powder Mild 1kg
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8 Items