Cumin or jeera is generally treated as an Indian spice though it is found in a wider geographical area which includes Middle East as well. Cumin is a flowering plant of which the seeds are cultivated for its culinary uses as a spice. Both ground and whole versions of cumin seeds are employed in cooking in several cuisines across the world.

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  1. Black Cumin

    East End Black Cumin 100g

    Earn 3 points
  2. East End Ground Cumin 1kg

    East End Ground Cumin 1kg

    Earn 8 points
  3. East End Cumin Whole 700g

    East End Cumin Whole 700g

    Earn 5 points
  4. East End Indian Cumin Whole (Jeera) 400g
  5. East End Cumin Whole 100g
  6. East End Ground Cumin 100g
  7. East End Ground Cumin 400g
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7 Items