A classification of a large variety of dried fruit products from Asian countries. Dried longan fruits and kai sum dates from Chinese region, Indian sultanas, banana and coconut chips from Philippines, a long range of dry fruits from Thai brand Nutty Delights, etc are just a small share of our entire dry fruits collection.

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  1. East End Golden Sultanas 700g
  2. Dried Longan Kernal
  3. Nutty Delights Dried Apricots 100g
  4. Nutty Delights Golden Jumbo Raisins 100g
  5. Nutty Delights Dried Papaya Slices 100g
  6. Nutty Delights Dried Strawberry 100g
  7. Nutty Delights Dried Pineapple 100g
  8. Nutty Delights Glazed Red Cherries 100g
  9. Rainbow Organic Walnuts Light Halves 125g
  10. Rainbow Banana Chips 125g

    Rainbow Banana Chips 125g

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  11. Golden Lily Dried Kai Sum Dates (Seedless) 200g
  12. Golden Lily Dried Fruit Peel 100g
  13. Rainbow Coconut Chips 125g
  14. Dried Seabed Coconut
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15 Items