Dried Products

Get the traditional Asian dried food products in Ireland from Asia Market, the best oriental grocery in Ireland. Drying or dehydrating is a food preserving technique. It makes use of various methods which result in the removal of water content from the food, thus by preventing the growth of micro organisms in the food item. Drying can make the food item preserved longer and sometimes tasted better. Our comprehensive dried food section offer traditionally dried products including herbal tea leaves, meat products, soup bases, fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Green Tea Bags 25x2g
  2. White Tea Bags 25x2g
  3. Kelp Slices

    JHL Kelp Slices 150g

    Earn 2 points
  4. Kelp Knots

    Kelp Knots

    Earn 1 point
  5. Tonic Soup For Chicken

    Tonic Soup For Chicken

    Earn 4 points
  6. American Ginseng Soup Mix

    American Ginseng Soup Mix

    Earn 6 points
  7. Korean Ginseng Soup Mix

    Korean Ginseng Soup Mix

    Earn 5 points
  8. Dried Tea Tree Mushroom

    Dried Tea Tree Mushroom

    Earn 4 points
  9. Dried Chinese Angelica

    Dried Chinese Angelica

    Earn 4 points
  10. Dried Fig

    Dried Fig

    Earn 3 points
  11. Pak Bo Rice

    Honor Pak Bo Rice 454g

    Earn 3 points
    €3.20 €2.85
  12. Coarsed Corn

    Honor Coarsed Corn 454g

    Earn 2 points
  13. Yellow Millet
  14. Hutu Porridge

    Honor Hutu Porridge 454g

    Earn 2 points
  15. Dried Seabed Coconut

    Dried Seabed Coconut

    Earn 2 points
  16. Tang Kuei Sinensis (Sliced)

    Tang Kuei Sinensis (Sliced)

    Earn 5 points
  17. Dried Honeysuckle

    Dried Honeysuckle

    Earn 2 points
  18. Garlic Flakes

    Garlic Flakes

    Earn 7 points
  19. Dried Mushrooms
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Items 1-21 of 160