Rice varieties, including brown rice, black rice, white rice and the likes are part of the staple diet in the Asian countries. Asian rice is scientifically known by the name oryza sativa. Every country in Asia has culinary traditions associated with the rice types cultivated in the respective regions. Indian Basmati rice, Thai Jasmine rice and Japanese sushi rice are nowadays very much sought after even in the European countries. Rice grains are of different sizes and varying colours. They are in different colours ranging from fluffy white to pitch black, with variations of pale yellow, and dark brown colours tucked in between the spectrum. There are black rice, glutinous rice, long grain and short grain rice varieties among the wide collection in Asia Market’s online store.

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  1. Black Rice
  2. Jasmine Rice

    GTD Jasmine Rice 10kg

    Earn 18 points
  3. Jasmine Rice

    GTD Jasmine Rice 5kg

    Earn 9 points
    €10.00 €9.00
  4. Brown Jasmine Rice
  5. Glutinous Rice
  6. Broken Rice

    GTD Broken Rice 10kg

    Earn 11 points
  7. Broken Rice

    GTD Broken Rice 5Kg

    Earn 6 points
  8. Black Glutinous Rice
  9. Sushi Kit 6 Rolls

    Obento Sushi Kit 6 Rolls

    Earn 9 points
  10. Jasmine Rice
  11. Japanese Rice
  12. Japanese Rice
  13. Japanese Rice
  14. Glutinous Rice
  15. Jasmine Rice
  16. Black Glutinous Rice
  17. Glutinous Rice
  18. Glutinous Rice
  19. Kimpo Korean Sushi Rice 9.07kg
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Items 1-21 of 47