Soy Drinks

Soy milk or soybean based drinks are quite familiar among the people who are allergic to dairy products, as they use it as a milk alternative. Soymilk is produced by grinding soybeans and the extract is then undergone through a filtering process. In East Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea, soy milk is essential for their cuisine. Here we have a set of soybean milk based drinks including the ones produced by Vitasoy brand.

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  1. Vitasoy Chocolate Milk 6x250ml
  2. Vita Soya Milk 6x250ml

    Vita Soya Milk 6x250ml

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  3. Soy Drink Powder

    Soy Drink Powder

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  4. Soy Drink Powder
  5. Soyspring Ladies' Soybean Drink Powder 400g
  6. Vita Malted Soya Milk 6x250ml
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7 Items